As Lynn Pickard announced Thursday at the luncheon, she is working with Elizabeth Mesh, another bike advocate, and the Chainbreaker Collective, a 501(c)(3) organization, to produce and air a series of public service announcements on the radio in Northern New Mexico encouraging drivers to act in a safe manner toward bicyclists. Lynn asked people to consider donating the cost of the luncheon ($20) to this effort. Lynn has pledged to match donations up to $500. If 25 SOBs donated $20 each, the funding goal would almost be met. If 20 other SOBs donated $10 each, the funding goad would be met as Bike Santa Fe has committed $100 to the cause.
People can donate by check to Chainbreaker (with the notation “5 feet campaign”in the memo) – mail to Five Feet Campaign, c/o Chainbreaker, PO Box 31666, Santa Fe, NM 87594, or by paypal on Elizabeth’s
Either way they will get a letter indicating the tax deductability of the donation.
More information is on Elizabeth’s website. If you have any questions, contact her at her contact information on the website or or contact Lynn. Please do not contact Chainbreaker. Thank you.

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