Now that June is upon us, and the days seem to be getting hotter and hotter, it becomes even more important to choose one’s rides carefully. At Monday’s ride leader training, we were reminded of how many people were unable to comfortably complete the Los Alamos loop last year, due to either the heat, poorly equipped bikes, or insufficient training or acclimation to the altitude. This Thursday’s ride promises to be easier, given its White Rock start, but it is still going to be hot and perhaps smokey. Riders should check out the rides on the website, since it has all the cue sheets, as well as maps, profiles, and climbing information. Ideally this should be done both early in the planning and the week of the ride, as rides sometimes change. Please assess your capabilities honestly and choose a ride that will be fun because you will be able to complete it.

Also, there is a possibility that the A and B+ rides, or parts of them, might go down into Bandelier. So bring your Senior National Park passes if you have them and are planning to do one of these rides.

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