The Pactimo store is now open to order SOB jerseys (including a ladies’ sleeveless jersey), shorts, men’s bibs, arm and leg warmers. There is no minimum order since we have not changed the design whatsoever. Go to

The store will be open through Monday, May 30 and estimated delivery is June 28. There is no password required; just go to that link and order. You will be asked for your name and billing information. Orders will ship to me and I’ll deliver them to you at the Thursday rides, unless we make other arrangements. Pactimo also has some generic (non-logo) items on sale for us such as thermal leg warmers, baselayers and ultra-light rain jackets. Those items will ship more quickly.

Pactimo is sending me a sizing kit that includes the men’s and women’s shorts, jerseys, men’s bibs, etc. There is also a detailed fit guide on their website, but nothing beats having something to actually try on. We should have them in time for this Thursday’s ride. Since it’s difficult to try on things like shorts in the parking lot, I can make myself available the following week if you want to come to my house for a try-on session. I’ll let you know when once I have my work schedule for that week.


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