The SOB Riders assembled at the 599 Station under sunny, blue skies and cold temperatures. Some opted to ride a shorter distance; 13 Riders opted for a longer ride… The Galisteo Loop. This is their adventure. As expected, Niltsi, the Navajo Wind God, was our training partner! The ride South on Hwy 14 was into a building S/SE wind. The wind encouraged paceline riding; some fast, some slower, but all designed to save energy on this long ride. We regrouped at the Lone Butte General Store and Gas Station, then continued the ride to Hwy 41 for the descent to Galisteo. Hwy 41 is a fun ride with beautiful vistas. The rolling terrain provides a mix of challenging climbs and relaxing descents. We regrouped at Galisteo.

Did you know… The Galisteo Basin has been continuously occupied by a diverse collection of peoples and cultures since pre-historic times. The Southern Tewas, the primary inhabitants of the Basin after 1300 A.D.  In the 1500s, Spanish conquistadors from Mexico journeyed north to New Mexico in search of gold and other treasure. By 1600, the Spanish were in the Galisteo Basin to stay—introducing longhorn cattle and unknown crops like watermelon, wheat, chiles, and melons to the region. In 1680 a revolt temporarily drove the Spanish from Santa Fe and the surrounding area. When Diego de Vargas explored the Galisteo Basin upon the Spaniards return in 1692, he found that virtually all of the missions in the Galisteo basin were abandoned. The church in Galisteo was in bad repair and ready to collapse when a rebuilding project was undertaken. In 1706 the church was rebuilt. However, by the year 1796, the Galisteo church was virtually abandoned again. Most of this was reportedly due to the harsh drought conditions in the basin that made it almost impossible to grow crops, raise cattle and survive there. The church at this site today, Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, was originally constructed in 1884. It was a reconstruction of the post Spanish reconquest church that was built on this site.

Leaving Galisteo, the SOB riders, aided by a strong quartering tail wind, began the long steady climb to Hwy 285, up the Lamy Hill to Cafe Fina for a quick regroup. Sunny skies were now rapidly disappearing as clouds rolled in; the temperature continued to drop; and the wind strengthened. It was time to make a fast run back to the 599 Station. We battled strong wind on Old Las Vegas Hwy, Two Rabbit and Dinosaur; but smiled when we finally pull into the 599 Station Parking Lot.

The Galisteo Loop was a challenging ride today. Overall we rode 47+ miles, climbed 2,100+ feet and averaged 15+MPH… even with the strong winds. Today our mettle was tested… and validated!


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