Club riders preparing for extended cycling events half-century or longer could benefit from nutrition supplements, but which ones? Exercising uses different macronutrients depending on level of effort. “…going your fastest, you are using mostly carbohydrates, a limited fuel in your body. When you slow the intensity a bit and add some duration, you are using mostly fat, an unlimited fuel source in your body. When you really add the distance and duration, you begin to use some protein for energy too. We have a lot of this macronutrient in our body, but not as stored fuel. We get this fuel from breaking down ourselves – cells, tissues and organs. This explains why we have sport nutrition products with different calorie sources…they can be used at different times…”

An extensive current review of available sport endurance supplements is available on our blog. A valuable addition included in each review is a brief explanation for the supplement purpose i.e. “Unique for its improved muscle buffering by mitigating the effects of lactic acid build up, more efficient energy production, better recovery through decreased muscle damage and better mental acuity by delaying central fatigue.”

Author Sunny Blende, M.S., Sports Nutritionist, kindly sent her review article to Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes with permission to include it on our blog. It was originally printed in the July 2014 issue of UltraRunning magazine.

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