With cold weather and fall moving in I’m thinking a ride down south might be fun. Planning the ride for Thursday Nov 4th at 10:30 am. Weather looks cool, 40-ish to start but winds are light all day and it warms up nicely down there on days like that.
The ride will be rescheduled if weather isn’t cooperating.

The route I’m thinking about would start at the RR station in Belen then head south via nice quiet country roads toward Bernardo on the west side of the Rio Grande. Although mostly paved, the route would include about 5 miles of smooth gravel/dirt roads and a great 3 mile gravel loop around a new waterfowl refuge. I’ve seen thousands of geese and cranes there in the past.
Return would be via Hy304 along the east side of the Rio Grande, a nice smooth, quiet, wide shouldered, paved country road followed by a meal at Pete’s.

I’ve done this route many times on my road bike with 28c tires and no issues but I think it would also be perfect for gravel bikes. It’s about 44 miles.


Contact Mike D with any questions: fuel90rider@yahoo.com 


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