SOB Riders showed up in force for the Tuesday ride at DeVargas Center!! Sunny, blue skies and cool temperatures…It’s time to ride!! A pack of 20 SOB riders headed through a series of back bike trails onto Rabbit Road in route Dinosaur Road. And, as expected we were joined by Niltsi, the Navajo Wind God, an unwelcomed addition to our rides. Niltsi created a nice headwind on our ride South down the East I-25 frontage road to the La Cienega overpass. However, Niltsi’s efforts were welcomed with a screaming tailwind leg along the West I-25 frontage road. Here we are regrouping at the Santa Fe Outlet (Joe behind the lens)… no shopping for this group as we refueled for the wind assisted Beckner Road FAST climb heading home!!

Our return continued up Richards Ave to the Arroyo de los Chamise Trail and Santa Fe Rail Trail. We enjoyed the slow cruise on the trails; and the vistas of snow in the mountains. Snow on the mountains GOOD… snow on the trails BAD!!

But riding the trails gave us a wakeup call!! Watch out for goat heads”! It was in the last few miles heading home that the “goat head terror” struck inflicting slow leaks and flats on numerous riders… including those riding Gator Hard Shells!! Back at DeVargas our thoughts quickly turned to LUNCH!! It was a fun conclusion to the a GREAT RIDE!!

Overall we logged another 35+ mile winter ride, 1,550+ feet of climbing at a respectable 14+ MPH.

Overall, another SUPER SOB winter ride and adventure. Remember… people pay money to experience our winter riding!! See everyone Thursday!! YAHOO!!

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