From Mr. Bill Pollock Review in LA Times new applications geared for mountain bikers may be promising.

MTB Project iOS, Android, free

Produced by Adventure Projects, the same company that produces Mountain Project, MTB Project is the go-to app for mountain bikers. Its user-friendly interface allows you to quickly search for mountain bike trails near you. Once you download an area onto your phone, you have access to maps and photos of bike trails as well as their description, difficulty level and vertical profile. Your location is tracked along the trail so you know where you are and how far you have to go. The social component of MTB Project connects you to a community of mountain bike-minded folks.

Strava iOs, Android, free

With motivation and camaraderie as a goal, the idea behind Strava is outdoor social fitness. The app is geared to runners and cyclists, featuring an easy-to-use interface that tracks your route, time, rate and elevation gain. You can analyze your performance and compare your data with that of friends and professional athletes or with your personal best. Strava ranks you against others who’ve completed a particular route segment, awarding the top scorer with the title “King (or Queen) of the Mountain.” You can find the most popular routes in your area, join a race community or partake in a Strava Challenge.

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