We have created a twitter hashtag, #sfsobsf, that we can use to communicate last minute ride changes.

Anyone can search for the hashtag #sfsobsf on twitter and then sort by latest and there they are.  Works quick and easy from phone.  Anyone who wants to can “post” to the hashtag.  No lists to maintain or circulate.  You cannot get dropped or added.  If you don’t care, don’t check it.  If you are not riding or out of town you get no extraneous emails.  No mass text stuff.
So say you show up at a ride and no one is there.  Check the SOB twitter feed.  See if location was changed.  Message the group if late.  etc. etc.  We can get in the habit of checking the feed when we get to the start point just in case someone has an issue.  We can meet them 5 or 10 miles down the road.  etc. etc.
For you twitter phobics:  I have figured out a way to embed the #sfsobsf feed into our website.  So for just looking at the feed, you now do not even need a twitter account.  You won’t be able to create a post but you can read them.  The page link is https://www.santafesobs.com/twitter
Or click the birdie at the top of the webpage.  Or click the twitter icon on the home page.
Use it or not at your discretion.  Open to all groups, A, B, C, D, energetic, relaxed.

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