Yeah rain!

No need to start in the middle of the night this week.  All rides, if they are held, see below, will start 0900.

Here is a reminder about our ride cancellation process which is on the home page of our website.

Ride conditions change – we attempt to anticipate and announce any changes via the blog.  However, on the morning of a ride, the ONLY way you will know if something has changed is to read twitter (search hashtag #SFSOBSF), or click this link.  If there is nothing on twitter then no change has been made EXCEPT FOR AUTOMATIC RIDE CANCELLATIONS (see below).

Automatic Ride Cancellations

Rides are automatically cancelled WITH NO FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENT GUARANTEED if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Start time temperature < 32 deg F or > 100 deg F in the forecast for that day 2 hours before start.
  • Rain, Snow, Fog, Icy Roads exist in general Santa Fe area 2 hours before start.
  • Sustained Wind > 20 mph in the forecast for that day 2 hours before start.

“In the forecast for that day 2 hours before start” means that if the weather forecast for the day in question, when viewed 2 hours before the start, indicates that, for example, wind during the ride will be 20 mph, then the ride is automatically cancelled and no tweet is guaranteed EXCEPT FOR THURSDAY IN SEASON RIDES.  There will always be a notification tweet if a Thursday in season ride is cancelled.

NOTE: All Winter Rides and all Tuesday and Saturday rides are considered “ad hoc” meaning there is no pre-planned route or pre-planned leader.  Thus, except for the above conditions, riders make their own determination about whether to show up or not.  These ad hoc rides can have 20+ participants all the way down to zero depending upon weather conditions, conflicting non-club rides (e.g. a local organized ride), and individual vagaries. As the ad hoc rides have no pre-planned leaders, the club cannot guarantee that a ride will take place nor that the ride will be canceled on-line.   Ride Safe.

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