Below is the message I received this evening from Judy’s sister, Cassie. In the message is a request from Judy to hold calls for a couple of days.

Judy was moved today to a rehab/skilled nursing facility in Kona – Life Care Center.  This is where she hoped she’d be able to go so that’s good news.  Her room has a view of the ocean which she is enjoying.  Her mobility is improving and her mood is good though she feels a little impatient to recover and get home.  Because the move has been tiring and she will need some time to get adjusted to the new place and the rehab routine, I’m going to ask that people hold calls and e-mails for a couple of days.  She also said she would prefer that people not send cards/flowers, etc. as it’s so unpredictable as to how long she will be there.  She is doing very well under the circumstances though and appreciates everyone thoughts and wishes.


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