My new bike, General Electric, has carbon wheels which provides a surprising and disappointingly harsh ride. The stem was also a bit too long at 100mm. In the process of shopping for a shorter stem, I came across a shorter, 80mm stem, that also has an adjustable shock absorber built in. It is compatible with road and gravel bikes. I ordered and installed it a couple of days ago. I took a short, cold, 5-mile test ride yesterday on the bike path with many wide expansion gaps. The new gadget provided a noticeably decreased impact on my hands and arms. Further use and some possible fine tuning may improve it even more. I installed mine with the default absorbers already in place. Link below to the company. I also ordered the Garmin GPS adapter so that the GPS unit is attached directly to the stem to save handle bar space. It is easy to install if you know what a torque wrench is, even better if you have one.

Alan Klein

ShockStop Suspension Stem

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