Michael H. (we don’t use last names on website) fell on the way back from Truchas on Thursday.   We were like a mile from the finish.  We were not going very fast.  He sends the following note:

Thanks to everybody who was on yesterdays ride and supported me after my stupid fall (signaling right turn, one hand off the handlebar, and a bump in the road caused me to loose control of the bike). Fortunately I did not take down anybody else.

It took until 9 pm yesterday to get the final story:

I have three minor fractures in the Pelvis (Sacrum and left and right Ramus), but as nothing has moved the treatment will consist of rest, physical therapy, and waiting. Prognosis from the orthopedic doctor calls for three months painful healing.

I will miss some of the best rides. Have fun, ride careful, and enjoy.

He will be in the hospital (room 3120) for up to 3 weeks, so get over there and cheer him up.

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