This from Michael:

I had my first follow-up visit with the orthopedic doctor. X-rays showed no change, so he continuous the path of natural healing. As of now I am still on minimal weight bearing, but have graduated from the walker to crutches. This makes it easier to get out of the house (stairs) and has allowed me a few excursions “off the reservation”. Next check up will be on June 12. I am allowed to get on a stationary bike and move my legs at low to zero resistance and I can do workout for the upper body.
Yesterday I finally got to the garage and checked out my bike and gear. I still do not understand how I fell – there are no signs of any sort on the bike nor on shorts, jersey, wind breaker, or helmet. As if it never happened. I guess that when I came down I landed in the dirt and cushioned the bicycle (I have one bruise on the upper inside of my right leg – which looks like the saddle hit me there).
Unfortunately it will be a while before I can join any rides again. For one, I am not allowed to drive a car until I am at the point where I can slam on the breaks, if needed. And I need to be more agile again to get on the bike and feel comfortable and not fall right over onto the other side. I will miss some of the nice rides of the year. Enjoy them and ride safely.


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