To all those who wrote tributes to Edwin, I am heartened by the expressions of appreciation and fondness for a man who lived and breathed the SOBs and all things bicycling .

When Edwin would come home from a riding or other SOB event, he was soon busying himself with other SOB business, and I did not hear a lot about the happenings that took place or the personal contacts he made.

Your comments helped me to understand and appreciate more, what a dedicated and big hearted person he was.

To me he was all that and more. His kind, nurturing qualities helped me to grow as an individual over the 57 years of marriage, and our love continued to grow. Losing him is the most difficult thing I am having to experience.

I am grateful to the SOBs for bringing joy and purpose into his life. Your comments fill me with affection and make this time more bearable.

With sincere appreciation,

Yuko Crosswhite

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