Times are changing. 0930 start time for the first several weeks of May. Then Thursday rides move to 0900. Tues and Sat rides will also be 0930 in May. Possibly move back to 0900 with the Thursday rides, but I’ll advise at the time.  NOTE:  May is not till Wednesday.

TomK crushed the La Tierra Torture MTB Race on Saturday (1st in age group, 9th overall in Cat 3).  Then since he was just warming up, he did a 5h 5min (we’ll forgive the extra 5 min) 100 mile ride on Sunday at the TORGV with a little help from his friends Joe, Gordon, Adrian, and Rich.  Christa completed 100 miles as well.   And there was a great turnout of other SOBs at the TORGV on Sunday (~ 15). The organizers noticed and thanked us for our support.  BTW, we are creating a new ride group, A+, for the aforementioned animals.

Stay Safe.

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