OK.  Let’s do what was planned for this Thursday.  Meet at 599 at 0845 and carpool or caravan to Bernalillo train station.   You can of course just drive to Bernalillo,  We will meet at the downtown Bernalillo station NOT the one closest to 550.  Then we will ride to the Bosque, ride the Bosque, then continue on through Isleta to Belen.  We will train back to Bernalillo and either drive or continue on the train back to 599.  This is about a 53 mile pan FLAT ride (160 ft of elevation gain).  The train leaves Belen at 3.40 pm, gets to Bernalillo at 4.54pm.  So plan for a full day.   Today we did 50 miles in about 4 hours elapsed.  That same pace would get us to Belen at 2pm leaving time for a snack.  Hopefully with essentially zero elevation gain we can shave a bit of time off of that.  Link to route.  

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