A bill to ban bike riding on roads without shoulders in Montana. Proposals to make bike registration mandatory in Wyoming, Vermont, Massachusetts and Montana. A legislative push to require a special permit to simply pedal in any Minnesota bike lane.

2017 could already be labeled ‘The Year of Bad Bike Bills.’ Fortunately, none of these misguided bills have become law—at least so far. State and local bike advocacy groups have been vigilant. You, and thousands of other PeopleForBikes supporters have helped by weighing in with your elected officials.

PeopleForBikes staff is monitoring U.S. Congress and all 50 state legislatures. We’ll always have your back.

Today, there’s one easy way you can help squash these bills and make the voice of bike riders even stronger and more effective: Ask one friend to join PeopleForBikes. Membership is free.

Together we can make bike riding better for everyone.

—The PeopleForBikes team


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