Thursday’s ride started cool, and got cooler as Tó Neinilii gather his rain clouds threatening the ride from 599 to ABQ. Before Lone Butte; Tó Neinilii was joined by Niltsi giving riders an increasing strong quartering head wind that created havoc on our aero bikes. As we approached Madrid, SOB Riders faced a mighty trio. Enumclaw with his fire spears, joined Tó Neinilii and Niltsi!  Facing the wrath of nature, SOB Riders decided to shorten the ride to an out and back to Madrid – about 35 miles, with slow speeds home battling the long climb up Why 14 into the wind. But first, some decided to grab double shot, caramel lattes at the Java Junction before heading home. (Joe behind the lens).

It was lunch at the Ranch House where pulled pork entrees continue to popular!! Coming out of the Ranch House SOB Riders were faced with mostly sunny skies and a lot less wind. Go Figure!?!

The Tuesday riders will attempt the ABQ ride later in the month.


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