SOB Riders showed their support for the “Grand Tour” with their initial 3 “SOB Stages” done Santa Fe Style.

10 July – Tuesday: Stage 1 – Tour de “Lost in Eldorado”!  The SOB Riders started the Tour Celebration with an opening stage of 43+ miles and 2,000 ft of ascent.  It was a quick pace-line run from DeVargas Center to El Dorado. There were numerous break-aways on the Cruz Blanca climb, and runout down Old Santa Fe Trail and Old Las vegas Highway. In all cases the peloton was able to reel-in the break-a-way racers (you know who you are). Regrouping at Cafe Fina Team Larry and Team Rick took charge of the Peloton through El Dorado.  As luck would have it… the Peloton began a series of “turn left”, no… “turn right”, no… “do a loop de loop circle left then right and go straight” maneuvres.


Finally… punching out of the El Dorado morass of commands and manoeuvres, the Peloton regrouped at Cafe Fina.  Now the Peloton headed toward the finish. Another small group of rides attacked on Old Las Vegas highway. Their moment of glory was grand but short lived as the Peloton joined the breakaway on the run down to DeVargas Center. Time for lunch at Blue Corn Cafe! YAHOO! The Peloton averaged 16+ MPH but all finished with the same time. Up next was a mountain stage!!

12 July – Thursday:  Stage 2 – Tour de Rio en Midio!  Stage 2 departed Ft. Marcy directly into the climb up Old Taos Highway. Reaching the Tano Road Bridge, the break-away racer (you know who you are) headed toward Highway 592. The peloton regrouped at 592 and began the long climb to Rio en Midio. With numerous break-away groups (you know who you are) able to achieve the summit before being caught by the Peloton.

After the regroup and picture session at the Rio en Midio trail end, the peloton began the quick descent back down to the 285 frontage road. Then it was a little “bit and bit” (look it up) with plenty of “stayers” down to Pojoaque.

After a “pause that refreshes”, the peloton checked their gear and began the 15 mile trek back to Tano Bridge. Oh NO!… Joe forgot his water bottle!!  Overall, the peloton completed 40+ miles, 3,000+ feet of ascent, with a respectable 14.6 MPH average. The peloton lunched at Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales!! Agent Scully – Season 2, Episode 1 IPA was just as good as Season 1; it matches up well with the Green Chile Tuna Melt! YUMMY!!!

14 July – Saturday: Stage 3 “Lost in Las Campanas: “Bobby White Shoes” led out the Peloton for Stage 3. A 46+ mile “Outside Loop,” “backwards Lollipop,” Inside Loop”, Where are we going now?” tour of Las Campanas.

After a smooth start in the neutral zone from Camino Real Academy, it looked like the peloton would have an enjoyable Stage 3 ride… at least it was enjoyable down Calle del Rio. With a left turn on Las Campanas and the outer loop, Lucky Lu led a 4 person break away around the outer loop to the mail boxes; a break away backwards around the lollipop; and then smoked everyone on the climb back to the mail boxes. What did that gal have for breakfast!! The peloton then made a mad dash down 599 before losing its focus and way at South Meadows. Lost and confused, Bobby White Shoes reformed the peloton for…  WHAT… the 2nd half of the stage!!  We were off again… around the inner loop, around the outer loop, and then into the wind (again) back to El Camino Real Academy. No Fred’s (cycling term) on this SOB Ride!! A stage is not complete with lunch. We all packed into the Capital Grill, even sharing our table with the unspeakables… the gravel riders (you know who you are!)!!  Overall, the peloton completed 46+ miles, 2,400+ feet of ascent, with a fast pace of 16+ MPH average.

The first 3 stages of the Peloton netted about 130 miles with about 7,400 feet of climbing. GOOD JOB PELTON! Time to rest up for the upcoming week of more climbing!


Ride fast; ride safe!


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