before our first 2019 Thursday ride.  Rides in April all start at 1000.  Check the ride list for locations and routes.  Print or load routes into your GPS head unit.  Instructions.

Weather for April 4 currently looks good.  However, our friends in the forest service have announced a prescribed burn the the Santa Fe forest starting on Tuesday.  Smoke is predicated to be prevalent for several days.  So, if the smoke is bad, we may modify the ride on April 4.   The only way you will know if there is a change is to monitor our twitter feed.  See below for how to do that.

We have created a twitter hashtag, #sfsobsf, that we can use to communicate last minute ride changes.

Anyone can search for the hashtag #sfsobsf on twitter and then sort by latest and there they are.  Works quick and easy from phone.  Anyone who wants to can “post” to the hashtag as long as you have a  twitter account.
However, you do not need a twitter account to “read” the feed.  For you twitter phobics I have embedded the #sfsobsf feed into our website.   The page link is
Or click the birdie at the top of the home page.  Or click the twitter icon on the home page.

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