76 riders start from Austin, Texas on June 2 with a celebrity ride in Lampasas, Texas that enables interested public to ride with the Texas 4000 riders the first day finishing with a fabulous Texas barbecue in the afternoon. One group rides north through St. Louis and on to Canada. A different group rides to Denver and then west to Salt Lake City before heading northwest. The third group, the Sierra Route, is what heads west first before going north. Then, a week later, the Sierra Route riders arrive in Santa Fe for two days. All three groups meet in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory July 31 for the final push to Anchorage, Alaska. 70 days of riding over 4000 miles.

SOB members are invited to meet the riders at Eldorado and escort the Texas 4000 riders to their hotel in the Railyard area. It is always an adventure to ride down Old Santa Fe Trail to the Plaza and watch the tourists look in awe of the riders entering the Plaza area. You will want to be a part of the adventure. So put it down on your calendar–Saturday, June 9.

And then on Sunday, June 10, SOB members and partners, spouses, and friends are invited to join the Texas 4000 riders and the University of Texas Alumni of Santa Fe at the Las Campanas Country Club for cocktails and a great dinner in the magnificent setting of the Club. This event is amazing, as riders of the Texas 4000 split and sit with the SOBs and others at the many tables for dinner. The conversation is stimulating as the riders have all achieved the opportunity to ride over two years of participation. The ride to Alaska is also an event to raise funds for cancer research. Each year the combined riders of the Texas 4000 raise over $1 million for cancer research. You will be surprised how many of the riders are already cancer survivors themselves. And they also ride in respect for other family members who have dealt with cancer.  The cost of the dinner is $60 per person, and this is about the same as one would pay at a good Santa Fe restaurant. So put this date on your calendar–Sunday June 10 for dinner with the Texas 4000.

You are invited to look at the web site of the Texas 4000 where the pictures of the riders are exhibited and you can see just who is coming to Santa Fe for dinner!  https://www.texas4000.org/

More to come in future days.

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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