15 Riders and 2 wonderful Sag drivers ( Bud and Berry) made the round trip to LV this weekend. Good weather, no rain, head wind coming back but not too bad.  No major issues.  Did see some rain drops after we got there, but none while riding.  Christine and Dave treated us to a wonderful lunch when we got back to their house, complete with appropriate SOB recovery drink.  15 of us stayed at the Plaza Hotel and we all ate dinner there on Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.  The hotel did a great job, bikes in rooms, nicely organized tables for dinner and breakfast, good service.  We also said hi to Sheriff Longmire while in LV.  Few pictures below, other action pics at this link.


At the start in Pecos, Christine and Dave’s in background.

Hotel is on the left in background.

Dinner at the hotel.

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