Couple people have asked for La Tierra TH directions and other info; ergo, an update. Tierra Trails Santa Fe for an interactive map that shows at least eight THs including THE La Tierra TH. If I am lucky, the previous sentence is hot linked to said trail map, testing, one, two, three, testing…

There are at least ten trail heads (TH) on that west side open space called La Tierra Trails. The official map does not have the “mailbox” a.k.a. THE La Tierra TH, which is just off the map on the lower left side.

THE La Tierra TH a.k.a. “mailboxes” is on Camino La Tierra Road about a mile/kilometer+ west of 599. West side of 599 a.k.a. Veteran’s Memorial Highway road is Camino La Tierra, east side of 599 road is called Paseo Nopal.

Re tire size. Couple of us have ridden La Tierra on cross bikes with 35c tire size, but it was difficult on some of the more technical rocky trails. For less experienced riders, if on a cross bike 40c tires approximately 1.5 inch width would be my recommendation.


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