Santa Fe Senior’s on Bikes
Board Meeting
June 12, 2020 via Zoom Meeting Service
This Board meeting took place via Zoom because of the current pandemic of the COVID 19 virus. In attendance via Zoom were Judy Coslow, Steve Gitomer, Ian Norrish, Bob Bogart, Lynn Pickard, Lore Thorpe, Michael Knarr, and Christine Van Dornick.
Judy called the meeting to order at 3 PM. The first issue was a review of the COVID 19 waiver that was prepared by Bob Bogart. All Board Members voted that this waiver language seems reasonable. After the Board reviews the current situation of the virus and the SOB rides resume, then this waiver will be placed on the website and there will be a reminder for all members to sign online before they participate in the regular scheduled rides.
The second issue was a review of the application of existing liability insurance for the current state of unofficial rides that existing members are coordinating by email. This discussion took place after a motion was made that insurance should apply to members who are participating in unofficial rides at this time. After this discussion, no agreement was reached. Since time for the meeting was running out, the discussion was put off until the next meeting.
The third issue was when the SOB would resume regular ad hoc and Thursday group rides. Currently, due to the pandemic, the regular ride schedule had been suspended. As stated, there are known groups of A and B group riders that are organizing unofficial rides by email contact. It was generally agreed that the current ride situation would continue (I.e. be unofficial rides). Judy and Lynn will organize C group riders via email for the last two Thursday rides during June and lead those rides. If any guest riders come to a particular group, it is recommended that the individuals sign the regular SOB Waiver.
The SOB Board agreed to meet via Zoom on June 29 at 3 PM to see if the current situation on the spread of COVID 19 has changed and to determine if the regular ride schedule or some variation of it will resume.
Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:35 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Van Dornick, Secretary

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