Ride leaders please sign up for rides you are willing to lead.  https://santafesobs.com/ride-leader-choice/

Riders, the July rides are ready for signup.  We are going to continue with online signups.  No on site sign in table.  Since we sometimes have all group starts now, when you signup for a ride there will be two or three “tickets” depending on which group you want to sign up for.  Try to pick the right group.  I know it’s hard to extinguish between C, B, and A but those are the letters we have.

We are also going to go back to the standing ad hoc rides on Tuesday and Saturday.  (no signups and no detailed ride posting online)  Separate email lists still optional.  I am sure many of us are tired of managing these things.

If you are new to the SOBs since 2020, or just need a refresher.  We have two standing ad hoc road  (no pre-planned route) rides per week.  Tuesday at DeVargas, two groups.  Energetic and Relaxed.  Saturday DeVargas – relaxed.  Saturday El Camino Academy – energetic.  Locations may be changed via blog post.  Possible gravel ride on Saturdays via blog post.

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