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July 4, 1879, Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory

Captain Ronald “Ronnie” Robinson, Quartermaster at Ft. Marcy, attended the impressive July 4 pancake breakfast on the Plaza today. While enjoying his pancakes, he was greeted by Rudolpho “Rudy” Rojas and his wife, Rosa “Rosie” Rojas. Mr. Rojas reported that, since the railroad will serve the city next year, he will no longer be wagon master of the caravans bringing supplies to Ft. Marcy from Ft. Union.

“Captain,” Rudy said, “those tortillas you are eating look different. What are they?” Wiping some syrup from his lips, Captain Robinson replied, “These are pancakes and the best in the world. You should get them here now. We’re celebrating the Fourth of July and we always do it with pancakes.”

A few minutes later, Rosie and Rudy found Captain Robinson in front of the saloon. “Captain,” Rudy called. “Rosie and I have been eating tortillas and frijoles every day of our lives for breakfast. But these pancakes, they are fantastic!” And not surprisingly, the Rojas did have those Santa Fe pancakes for the rest of their lives until they died in 1901. Captain Robinson? He finished his career teaching at West Point where he also introduced the cadets to those Santa Fe pancakes every Fourth of July. Happy soldiers are the best.

Now here in Santa Fe, you can have those same pancakes on July 4. Jump on the saddle of your bike and ride with the SOBs to the annual Pancakes on the Plaza celebration. And on July 5, you can have tortillas and frijoles and think of the Rojas. . Santa Fe–What a place!

8:30 a.,m. Start from Kohl’s Department Store parking lot

9:30 a.m. Arrive at the Plaza. Plan to lock your bike to a post or bike rack while you eat. Be sure to bring a lock! Tickets available at the Plaza are $10, and you can buy tickets for $8 in advance at most banks and credit unions.

10:45 a.m. Depart the Plaza for a great downhill ride back to Kohl’s and your car. Or, you can extend your ride past old  Ft. Marcy and think about how pleased Capt. Robinson was with his pancakes.

11:30 Arrive at Kohl’s

This ride is not a race, and it’s whole purpose is to have fun and enjoy this unique Santa Fe tradition. So riders of all speeds are invited and we ride close together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!

Submitted by Bill Pollock

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