July 4th has a name: Independence Day. And it is also known as SOB July 4th Ride to the Santa Fe Plaza celebration. There are traditions, some of them seem to lose their sizzle. Psychiatric workers in Santa Fe testify that citizens who decide not to attend the Pancake Breakfast on the Plaza  experience self doubt and unbalanced emotions. Don’t let this happen to you!

Here’s how–join fellow SOBs to ride your bike to the Plaza and join all the citizens of the town for a great Pancake Breakfast. All SOB ride groups are invited: A, B, and C. There will be re-groupings of riders so that no one feels left behind. The ride from the start to the Plaza  is about 10 miles. The ride back to the start after breakfast is mostly downhill via the Rail and Chamisa Bike Trails. The serving is two large pancakes, saussage, juice, coffee. Prior studies show that the two pancakes increase downhill speed by 10%. Four pancakes increase downhill speed by as much as 40%!


8:30 a.m. Leave Kohl’s Department Store Parking lot on Cerrillos. Route is east on Governor Miles, working up to Rail Trail and then to Galesteo and direct to the Plaza.

9:30 a.m. Arrive at the Plaza, purchase tickets for the breakfast at $10. (You can buy advance tickets for just $8 at local banks and credit unions. And 4 citizens can get together at the Plaza and buy 4 tickets for $30–$7.50 each saving $2.50)

Enjoy the people and the many visitors to the city. Have a great breakfast! Look at the Antique Car Show, visit Arts & Crafts booths

10:45 a.m,. Mount up and begin the ride back to Kohl’s

11:30 a.m. Arrive at Kohl’s

Good opportunity to wear SOB jerseys and also patriotic red, white, and blue jerseys. Lace your spokes with crepe paper as you did when you were 10 years old.

Watch this site in coming days for more information.

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Submitted by Bill Pollock

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