After the ink dried on the Declaration of Independence, Tom Jefferson and John Adams were finally able to agree on something. John turned to Tom and said, “Tom, as soon as we get this country organized, let’s move to Santa Fe. We can celebrate this whole thing right there year after year after year.”

“That’s good for me, John,” Tom replied. “It will take until 1845 before we can call Santa Fe home, but let’s do it!”

And every year the celebration overcomes the city of Santa Fe. No citizen wants to be left out. And now we have bicycles that make it easy to swoop into town, have a pancake breakfast on the Plaza, toast the Republic, and ride downhill to where we parked our vehicles and be home for the barbecues..

This year, July 4 is on a Thursday. Bicyclists in other places have nothing to do and are almost too sad to celebrate the meaning of the day. Not here! Not in Santa Fe!  The SOBs will have a ride and more information will be posted here and the town crier will spread the word.

So look for more information at this web site in a day or two.

Submitted by: Bill Pollock

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