The note below written by Judy’s sister Cassie late Friday night
Judy has been cleared to walk without staff supervision so she’s able to walk whenever she wants.  She said it is feeling almost normal except when she stops.  She’s made such amazing progress.  She’s been sitting – up to several hours now which is great as she’ll need to be able to tolerate sitting for her flights back.  She came up with an idea that she’d like to go to a wonderful coffee house (what a surprise!) on a road she biked earlier.  So she’s got her Uber driver friend and an aide lined up to take her on the 31st.  She’d like her last day in Hawaii to be a happy memory.  Meanwhile she’s got something to look forward to.  She is getting a room mate tonight – a 90+ year old woman who has been released from the hospital after two weeks fighting pneumonia.  Judy’s not happy about having to share the room but at least she had it to herself for a few days.
She’s been enjoying a glass of merlot every now and again.  Hope she has one tonight so she can sleep well despite the roomie.
As she continues to improve daily, I’ve decided that I’ll stop sending daily updates.  I will do a couple more before she heads home.  Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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