The report below is written by Judy’s sister, Cassie

Another day in paradise.  Judy had a shower and was able to wash some of her clothes so she is feeling much better.  Today in her occupational therapy she had to put on shoes and socks several times – not an easy task but she prevailed.  Her Uber driver friend is delivering her daily latte.  Her doctor stopped in and they had a nice conversation about politics.  She is pretty unhappy with the meals she is served – bland and overcooked.  She will probably ask her Uber driver friend to bring her some fruit so that she will have something palatable.  She is able to have a glass of wine from the stash her friend John laid in for her before he left.  All in all, she’s doing fine.  Freaking out about the prospect of possibly having a room mate but so far the room is her own.  Making progress – not soon enough for her but definitely good.  She seems to be on schedule and her spirits are good.

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