Before we get to joining, we want to let you know that Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes is now an official New Mexico non-profit thanks to Lynn, Shirley, and Steve.  Yeah!

In the last week we have gotten over 25 waivers via email and dozens have paid on PayPal.  Thanks.

As of March 20, we have 76 folks who have paid their dues, and 40 who have submitted waivers.  Within this group there are 2 people who have submitted waivers but not paid dues, and there are 38 who have paid but not submitted waivers.  A big thanks to the 37 who have paid AND have submitted waivers.

If you want to check your status, click this link and find your name.  The code is the same as last week.  See below.  

To complete your membership click this link and follow the instructions for the items you have remaining.  Thanks.

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