It’s basically the same as in prior years.  If you got your membership card then you are done.  If not then read further.  (We have 6 folks who have submitted waivers but not paid.  We have 2 who have submitted payment but not the waiver.)

If you did everything properly you should receive 3 emails.  Two almost immediately.  One will be a confirmation that we got the waiver.  It will include a copy of the waiver plus the information you submitted when you agreed to it.  If you don’t get an email then we did not get the waiver.  Check your spam folder.

Two will be a confirmation from Paypal that we got your dues payment.  If you don’t get an email from Paypal then we did not get the payment.  Check your spam folder.

Three will be your membership card.  As long as we got your waiver and your payment you will get your membership card within a few days to a couple of weeks depending.  Check your spam folder.

If either email one or two is missing then go back and try again.

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