Join or Renew


To Join or Renew your membership with the Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes cycling club you will need to do the following:

  1.  Download and fill out the combined application / waiver (click link to left, print out, fill out and sign, bring to next ride, or fill out, scan, and email to: The fee for one year membership is $20 ($21 via PayPal) which covers insurance, social activities, and administrative costs.
  2. For renewals, a waiver is required each year, although once we have a hand signed hard copy or scan, future waivers may be done entirely online.
  3. If you choose to bring the waiver with you to your next ride, please bring the signed application / waiver, and $20 to the next ride you plan to do with the club.  This can be during the regular riding season (April to October) or to any ad hoc ride.  See ride schedule.  
  4. Members who joined in 2016 are still considered active through the end of April 2017.
  5. To pay your SOB membership fee via PayPal, click button below:

You do not have to be a member to subscribe to the blog.  Click Contact link.