We have several ways for you to join / renew.  The process is the same whether joining or renewing. We need two things from you.  $20 membership fee and a signed waiver form.
(If you are unsure of your status see the bottom of this message on how to check it.)

Waiver Form   We need everyone to sign the new waiver form.  Download the waiver / join form by clicking here.  Print it.  Fill it out.  Sign it.

Then either Scan it and Email it back to admin at sfsob.cosine-santafe dot com.
Bring the filled out waiver form to the next ride you do with the club, does not have to be the first April ride, but it can be.  Give the waiver to Bob or Ian or Edwin.
If you cannot download / print out we will have some blank waivers at each upcoming ride, even ad hoc.

Membership Fee  There are several ways to get us your $20.
Bring $20 cash or check to your next ride and give it to Bob or Ian or Steve G or Edwin.  If none of them are at the ride save it till you see one of them.
New this year, we now have PayPal so you can pay online.  Click this link to go to PayPal and submit your $21 (extra $1 for processing fee but you get miles and club gets all $20).  You do not have to be a PayPal member to use PayPal, you can just use a credit card without joining.  The first person to submit their dues via PayPal gets a free pair of SOB cycling socks.  You know you want them.

You can see your status (as of March 12) for 2017 by looking at the current membership list.  Click this link. 

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