As part of the process to open the store to allow you to order Jerseys, Shorts, Bibs, Arm Warmers we need to get a fit kit.  I need to know what sizes of the fit kit to order.  If you are interested (there is no obligation at this point) and want to try something on, please click this link and put a 1 in the columns of the item and the sizes that you would like to try on.  (If someone has already requested your sizes, no worries, just close the spreadsheet.)  You can ask for more than one item and more than one size.  (This way we will request only the sizes that people are interested in rather than 6 sizes of every jersey variation.)  Thanks for your help.  I will order the fit kits on Dec 7th so don’t delay filling in your size requests.  More information on all of the items is available on this page (click the link).

Changes from the first order:
1.  Velocity style jerseys are the same price as Axis style jerseys.  This is about $15 less than before. (no refunds!)
2.  Women’s Velocity Jerseys now have 3 pockets (2 before).

Please note that once we receive the fit kits, we only have a limited time when they will be available.  They will be at the winter ad hoc ride locations (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) for one week, and maybe at the winter potluck dinner and then they will be sent back.  There will be a blog post when we receive the fit kits.

All short sleeve jerseys start at $66.76 each.  Long sleeve jerseys are $123.19.  Arm warmers $36.41.  Shorts and bibs $79.76.   Womens capri shorts $103.17

Also we have 3 brand new women’s club fit jerseys that did not work out for the folks who ordered them.  Never worn.  They would like to sell them.  If you are interested, email and I will put you in touch with the seller.  The sizes are Womens Club Fit Axis jersey in Small, Large, and in 2XL.

It takes about 6 weeks for the orders to be manufactured after we close the store.  Figure we close the store by the end of December.  Items should be here mid February.

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