Mr Brown was tried and found guilty yesterday of Great Bodily Injury by Vehicle (Reckless Driving) Class F3,  Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Great Bodily Harm or Death) Class F4, and Reckless Driving Class PM.

On March 1, 2018, Mr. Brown passed a group of SOB cyclists heading south on NM 41 at high speed.  After passing the group he stopped his car, and proceeded to back up into the group that was travelling toward Galisteo.  He gravely injured DougH (12 broken ribs, two collapsed lungs, a broken pelvis, a broken cheek bone and dislocated shoulder) and caused BudB and EdD to suffer broken bones and ribs.

We are thankful that Santa Fe citizens are supportive of the rule of law and that cyclists are not considered targets on our roads.  We hope everyone stays safe: motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Sentencing for Mr Brown is scheduled for Feb 12 at 0900.  Doug has provided the following information that he got from the DA:

The judge is hoping for 2 hours of testimonials from our side.  The prosecutor’s office would like a list of anyone who will be testifying, and suggested that Bud, Ed and I, along with up to 7 other people, should be sufficient.  And, we can get together to make sure our message is clear and consistent (sounds like an excuse for beer and pizza to me).  Also, people who cannot testify, but want their statement entered into the record are free to submit a letter to the court, pictures (can be electronic) or whatever else they feel appropriate.  This submission (letters, photos, etc.) need to be to the prosecutor’s office (attn. Blake Nichols) by February 5th, because for them to be admitted, a copy must be submitted first to the defense, so they want to get a packet out a week before trial.  Anyone testifying does not have to provide their statement ahead of time, but simply can read (I will be going that route) or extemporize.  So, I’ve been asked to both state the above, and also get a list of the people who will be speaking at the court to the prosecutor’s office, also by the 5th.  Any photos that should be seen can be emailed to me and I’ll forward them to the court where they can print them and have them available for the hearing or they can be sent directly.

The mailing address for the prosecutor:
Office of the District Attorney
First Judicial District
Attn:  Blake Nichols
Re:  State of New Mexico vs. Jacob R. Brown
P.O. Box 2041
Santa Fe, NM  87504-2041

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