Continental 700×32-47  42mm presta qty 5

Continental 700×25-32 60mm presta qty 2

Specialized 700×28-38 60mm presta qty 1

Will trade one for one for any make quality inner tube of size 700 x 28 80mm presta.

To restate.  I have these 8 inner tubes (as above) and I do not need them anymore.  They are all brand new, the Conti’s are even in boxes.  What I do need is 700×28 80mm presta.  I would prefer to trade one for one so you get what you need and I get what I need.  (Note the valve length i need is 80mm!)

Contact admin at with a proposal.  If you don’t have any 80mm 700×28 lying around feel free to buy some and then we can trade.  (Clever eh?)



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