SOB Info Notes

Sept. 27, 2016

Congratulations to: Dana Root, Kris Hansen, Clint Daymon, and Jennifer Wellington for completing the League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 class on Sept. 25th.

The SOB Board is scheduled to meet on October 11th. Some of the items on the agenda include: celebrating our 20th anniversary, becoming a New Mexico Nonprofit, e-bike riders, sag support on rides, and creating a Clare Rhoades Award. If you want any other items to be included send them to:

Lore is collecting for the End of the Season Award Luncheon. George Gamble will be the MC this year. Mark your calendar: October 20, 1:00 pm at Pecos Trail Cafe, 2239 Old Pecos Hwy. The cost is $15.00 (tax and tip included).

The official SOB club photo will be retaken on October 20 at the Museum Hill parking area before the start of the ride at 10:00 am.

Current membership is 211.

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