Joel Stein died this past Sunday evening. Joel has been in poor health for some time. Joel was one of the two or three founding members of Seniors on Bikes. Prior to living in Santa Fe, Joel and his wife, Mary, lived briefly in the Boulder, Colorado area where they founded the SOB group there. When they moved to Santa Fe, they reproduced the same concept.

Joel was a friend to all who knew him and Mary is a delight to be around. Prior to moving to Colorado and New Mexico, Joel worked at the major investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald in New York City. Joel retired a few years before Cantor Fitzgerald suffered the greatest loss of life of any company when the five floors it occupied in the World Trade Center were destroyed in the terrorist attack on 9/11. Joel lost many friends, he said one time.

Jim Halquist attended an event Monday night and learned of Joel’s passing and alerted my by phone this morning. Very few current members of SOB knew Joel, as it has been many years since he has ridden or attended any of our events. Still, his passing for those who knew him is important to know.

When information about services is available, it will be posted here.

Bill Pollock

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