Dr. Mirkin -“Maximum heart rate depends on the strength of your legs, not the strength of your heart… the Bainbridge Reflex” http://www.drmirkin.com/fitness/9156.html

The basic M2 watch monitor uses the American College of Sports Medicine formula for their computer algorithm 207 minus (0.7 X Age) But as Dr. Mirkin explains, the result is only an average or base line. My max HR computed to 159.4 is not accurate. In the past we needed to fudge the data when entering age to accurately set less expensive monitors. An impressive feature of the M2 allows one to reset their known max HR manually overriding the algorithm, very cool. HR is used to calculate caloric expenditure and three basic training zones. After the ride one button allows quick scrolling through your information. During the ride with a quick glance it is easy to see the basic training zones. 60-70 percent of max is zone 1, for me up to 127 HR, 70-80 percent is zone 2, up to 145 HR, which for me is maintaining current conditioning a.k.a. tempo. 80-90 percent of max HR is zone 3, the feeling spunky mode. And as one’s conditioning improves it is quite simple to reset max HR… darn it, that means I have to memorize three new zone numbers, almost no muss, no fuss.

The Humble Quick Release 5 minutes

3D Stainless 2 min

Breezer 5 min

Over the Quaremont 5 min

Women’s World 5 min

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