We will be leaving the Museum Hill parking lot promptly at 10 AM on April 7.

We will ride in one large group.  There will be no late starters allowed.  If you are not at the start when we leave, then you are not in the ride.  There will be a lead motorcycle who will pace the ride based on the cyclists closest to the officer.  We need to accommodate all rider abilities.  The vast majority of the ride is downhill but most riders will not be used to riding in this type of procession.  If you are near the front, keep it slow and safe so everyone can ride together.

There will be a trailing SFPD Community Service vehicle marking the back of the ride.  If you are in front of that vehicle you are fine.  If you are in back of the trail vehicle you are NOT in the ride.  Do NOT attempt to pass the trail vehicle.

Besides the lead and trail vehicles there will be two additional motorcycles that will block the side and cross streets on a rolling basis.  Once we have passed through an intersection, the motorcycle officer will then be passing the ride line to set up at the next intersection.  Do not freak out if you see a motorcycle passing on the left.

If you have a mechanical.  Pull to the right of the road safely.  Get up on the sidewalk and deal with your issue.  Do not try to rejoin the ride if the trailing vehicle has passed you.  You may ride as a lone cyclist after the official ride has passed, if you so desire.

THE SFPD will block Old Santa Fe Trail (OSFT) for us to turn left from Camino Lejo (Museum Hill)  onto OSFT.  They will do a rolling blockade of all the side streets and cross streets as we travel down OSFT.

They will block Old Pecos at the merge with OSFT.

They will close off Paseo De Peralta so that we cross in one group.

Immediately after crossing Paseo we will be at the Roundhouse and we will turn left and dismount to walk our bikes on the sidewalk up toward the east side of the Roundhouse for a short program.

SFPD has requested that we ride REASONABLY close together.  No large gaps in the group.  It is totally acceptable, in fact preferred, by SFPD for us to ride 2 or 3 abreast on OSFT (Of course there may be traffic coming towards us so be sure to stay safely to the right of the double yellow).  Riding two or three abreast will compact the group and shorten any road closures.

Of course, OBEY ALL DIRECTIONS GIVEN BY SFPD.  They are providing us with the escort and we must be courteous and follow their instructions.

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