Hi all, don’t know if the group knows that there is a local group of bikepackers that have been doing overnight campouts every month all year long. They call the trips “Sub-24’s” because they are done in less than 24 hours, quick ride out, fun campout, quick ride back. There is one this Saturday leaving at 4 pm from the Railyard and going down to Diablo Canyon campground, about 14 mile mostly gravel ride. That is a pretty typical ride distance to the campsite. As always, everyone is welcome. All sorts or bikes and camping kits seem to show up,  From fatbikes to gravel bikes, from panniers to full bikepacking bags to a sleeping bag strapped to the handlebars and a backpack. Always seems to be a great group of guys and gals at the campouts. Anyway, Rich and I are planning on going, it’s supposed to be warm Saturday and Saturday night, you might want to give it a try. I have been to half a dozen or so of the campouts, give a shout if you have any questions,



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