Hey Judy and all other SOB’s,
The surgery on Feb. 8 lasted for eight hours. They found more things to
clean up than expected. The consequence of such a long surgery was my heart
went into afib so after the surgery they sent me to the cardiac unit. I’m
now on beta blockers but have not had any heart problems since. We were
released from the hospital on Feb. 12 and drove to Greeley to Dee’s sister.
Yes we are in very good hands for a recovery. Getting the pain under
control was a bit of a trick, but I have been walking outside for three
days so I am getting stronger every day. We will probably be here until
the end of February after being cleared by the doctor and having 14 inches
of staples removed. We should be back in Santa Fe by March 1. Probably I
won’t be riding until end of May or June. In the meantime hope you all
have a great, fun, and safe riding season. My best wishes to all.


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