Below is the text of an email that I sent today to city officials:

Dear Mayor, Councilors, Mr. Romero, and Other Responsible City Employees,

On July 11, I wrote to you on behalf of the Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes, complaining about the bulb-out project on Alta Vista Street. I stated that the project was inexplicable to us as cyclists and asked whether the Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee had been consulted and whether the project could be reversed.

On July 19, I received a response from Mr. Romero that appeared to consist of talking points about pedestrian safety. It was the same letter that was sent to everyone who shared concerns about this project, as far as I could tell. It was not responsive to the specific questions that I asked at the end of my letter. While the letter indicated that the intent of the project was consistent with bicycle safety, all cyclists that I know would disagree. Mr. Romero indicated that he copied all of the rest of you on his letter.

On the same day, I attended a meeting of BTAC, which had a discussion of the project on the agenda. I consulted the minutes of the previous meeting and learned that BTAC had expressed its concern the prior month. I was encouraged that all of the members of BTAC were as perplexed as I was that the project had been undertaken without appropriate consultation and in apparent ignorance of standards governing complete streets. I was dismayed, as were the members of BTAC, that Mr. Romero did not attend the meeting.

I now ask that you, the Mayor and City Councilors, take action to insure that projects that affect cyclists do not happen without appropriate consultation with BTAC. This can be done by a simple ordinance or directive, stating that any change in street configuration not be implemented until consultation has been had with the City’s Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee.

I also ask that the project be reconsidered, after consultation with BTAC, and reversed, if appropriate.

Thank you for your consideration. I remain,

Sincerely yours,
Lynn Pickard, for
Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes

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