The Frog Titanium is the superlight version of Speedplay’s widely loved Frog pedal system. Its titanium spindle won’t rust, and it allows a set of Frog Ti pedals to weigh in at a feathery 206g.


Not just a great off-road pedal system, Speedplay Frog pedals are ideal for road riders who prefer a recessed, walkable cleat. Like their amphibious namesake, Frog pedals are equally at home in dry or muddy terrain. Their unique cleats are virtually immune to clogging with mud or dirt, because debris is pushed out whenever you engage the pedal. This simple mechanism also puts an end to those infuriating falls caused by gunked-up pedals that won’t release. You get out when you want to, and never when you don’t. Of course, you also get all the advantages of Speedplay’s other innovative designs: knee-friendly, non-centering free float; lightning-fast entry and exit; and phenomenal light weight. Whether you ride a mountain bike, road bike, tandem or ‘cross bike, the Speedplay Frog can do it all.

Comes standard with a set of G3 Frog cleats and mounting hardware. It’s strong, durable, easier to mount and compatible with virtually all two-hole style shoes in the marketplace. Because of the titanium spindle, max rider weight is 185 lbs.

These are used. I rebuilt them last year (essentially new tops and bottoms). Cleats are included but are also used about a year. New cleats are $33 and a rebuild kit is $40. I am giving away the Speedplay grease gun that you need to use when you rebuild the pedals. It is almost full.
When new pedals cost $250.  These pedals are yours for $90 OBO.

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