I am the Walgreens Pharmacist that spoke to you at the ride Thursday about
doing an on-site Flu Shot Clinic for the SOB members.
I have been an SOB member since 2/2016.
Although our members are generally healthy and robust being physically
active cyclists, every year influenza and pneumonia tragically claims the lives of
thousands of Americans, many of them senior citizens.
If there are 25 people or more that would receive the flu vaccine, Walgreens
will provide a pharmacist to a location of the SOB’s choice; for example a
senior center in Santa Fe; to administer the vaccinations.
For less than 25 people, Walgreens can still block time (2-3 hours) at one of
the 4 Walgreens pharmacy locations in Santa Fe, and have the members come
in to that store and there will be a dedicated pharmacist to administer the
Regarding payment, for members 65 and older who have Medicare Part B, generally
they are covered in full. For members under 65 or without Medicare Part B,
they may have alternate insurance (commercial, or through the exchange etc.) that
would also cover it in full.
Members 65 and older may also need a pneumonia vaccine, and that is also generally
covered in full, and Walgreens can also provide that vaccine as well.
I will be at the Tuesday ride (tomorrow) and also try to make the meeting on the 25th
and we can discuss it further if you’d like.
Members can call me with any questions at (505) 259-5044.
Thank you
Anthony (Tony) Catalanotto, 3rd

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