I ( mpwarchol@q.com ) will be doing the “Flowers in the Hills” ride with the Bicycle Adventure Club on April 2-10, 2017.  I would welcome either a roommate and/or a partner to carpool with to the ride location in Fredericksburg, Texas which is located between Austin and San Antonio in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  A detailed description of the ride may be found at the Bicycle Adventure Club by following the link:  https://www.bicycleadventureclub.org/html/rides/?action=ride&rideid=1095.

A brief description of the ride follows:

“Flowers in the Hills” is a self-directed bicycle tour that features rides through acres and acres of wildflowers in the Texas hill country. You will see miles of riding on little traveled, very picturesque, pothole free, ranch and market roads.  Many are open range, which means that longhorns, sheep, chickens and goats may be up close and personal on the road. Fredericksburg is the cycle capital of Texas (see cycletexas.com) and Gillespie County has over 500 miles of paved country roads. Fredericksburg is a town of 10,000 resident which receives 3 million visitors annually, and boasts German heritage with Texas hospitality.  There are 100+ unique and kitschy restaurants–all within walking distance of our lodging…the Pie Shop is to die for.  Activities abound:  The Museum of the Wars of the Pacific requires two days to fully explore. The stores on Main Street offer many one-of-a-kind items. There are 20+ wineries and microbreweries within an easy drive. You are within a few pedal strokes of Luckenbach music, the historic Lyndon B Johnson ranch, the Willow City Loop (most famous bicycle road in Texas)  and the world famous Wildflower Seed Farm.  The Alamo Café boasts the 3rd best burger in Texas.  Hill country woolen arts and fabric arts stores are acclaimed the best in the USA.

You will have an inventory of 22 out-and-back and loop options ranging 17 to 57 miles with climbs ranging from 1000-3200 feet for your availability on any of our ride days.  There is something for every skill level.  Here are the number of rides in each category: 4 at 1A; 3 at 2A; 9 at 2B; 2 at 2C; 1 at 3B; 3 at 3C.  It is “hill country” after all.

 The Ride Ratings above are described below:

Ride Ratings

Climbing Level
Level 1 – Up to 1500 ft
Level 2 – 1500 to 2500 ft
Level 3 – 2500 to 3500 ft
Level 4 – More than 3500 ft
Distance Level
Level A – Up to 35 mi
Level B – 35 to 50 mi
Level C – 50 to 65 mi
Level D – More than 65 miles

Therefore, if this ride interests you and you are in need of either a roommate and/or a carpooling partner please let me know.


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