Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes
Board Meeting
February 28, 2020

Meeting Location: El Castillo Retirement Community 250 Alameda Ave., Santa Fe
Those in attendance: Judy Costlow, Lynn Pickard, Bob Bogart, Michael Knarr, Christine Van Dornick.
Absent: Lore Thorpe, Edwin Crosswhite
Communication by conference call: Ian Norrish, Steve Gitomer
President Judy Costlow called the meeting to order at 12:34 pm
Item 1: Edwin’s Resignation
Edwin will continue to facilitate the education components for the SOB group including Ride Leader Training and lead the D Group rides. He has indicated that he will also continue to assist rider sign in at the regular Thursday scheduled rides. Edwin did serve as the SOB secretary for many years. Christine volunteered to serve as club secretary. This change was approved by Board consensus with no objections. Discussion followed on a way of thanking Edwin for his many years of contribution to and leadership of the SOB Group. The Board reached a consensus on an approach.
Since Edwin has resigned by Blog post on the website on February 26, 2020, there was concern that the SOB Board did not act in accordance with the club bylaws or adhere to Robert’s Rule’s of Order. The January 13, 2020, SOB Board meeting minutes have been reviewed and found to be consistent with the club bylaws. Bob Bogart has prepared a response to reflect this action. The response will include a link to the bylaws and January meeting minutes.
Item 2: Vote on A/A- ride management
Based on the January 13, 2020, Board Meeting minutes, the A/A- ride management proposed changes had been approved for the trial period of 1 year. Christine and all Board members will continue to monitor how these changes are working and review again at the end of the regular riding season. No further action was taken at this time.
Item 3: E bike rules discussion
This item was discussed at the January 13, 2020, Board meeting and there was some follow-up email communication from club members. The Board has revised the language in the January, 2020, minutes to the following:

E-bikes and riders are welcomed to ride with the Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes cycling club with the following stipulations.

1. E-bikes must be power assist that only provide power when the rider is pedaling. A rider with an e-bike that has both pedal assist and pedal free function will be allowed to ride if they use only the pedal assist function.

2. A power on demand bike such as a moped or motorcycle are not allowed unless they are support vehicles.

3. All riders are encouraged to take a bicycle safety class such as the League of American Bicyclist Smart Cycling courses especially if they are not familiar or used to riding a bicycle in an organized group.

4. New e-bike riders should ordinarily ride in the back of the pack. An exception is made when climbing a long hill and the e-bike rider is permitted to ride to and in the front of the pack. Experienced e-bike riders may ride wherever the ride leader, in his or her discretion, feels is safe.

5. It is the ride leader’s responsibility that participants on all SOB organized rides ride in a safe manner.

Steve Gitomer left the conference call at 1 pm and transferred his vote by proxy to Bob Bogart.
Item 4: On-Line sign up for rides
This process is generally used by the A/A- group for remote start locations. It may be used for all Thursday regular rides in the future.
Item 5: Other business
A. Billing from GPS
Several Board members had received an email regarding the billing for Ride with GPS. Bob Bogart said he will respond to the request for a billing agent.
B. CD from the recent Road Rage trial proceedings
Lynn Pickard obtained a recording of the recent sentencing hearing for the Road Rage trial proceedings (March 1, 2018). She had a CD with that information. Bob Bogart will try to place pertinent information from the CD on the club website.
C. Michael Knarr reviewed some information on the club website and requested verification on some sections. On the section dealing with lights on bikes, it was generally agreed that most cyclists on a SOB ride should have a rear flashing taillight. Lynn Pickard will review State Law and provide information on this topic.
D. A, B, and C group designation
There was discussion to determine if the letter designation for each group of cyclists should be modified to provide a designation based on the length and pace of rides that each group does. Bob Bogart stated that since many items on the website are associated with the current letter designation, this would be a great amount of work to change. It was generally agreed that all Board members would try to engage the ride groups to determine if this designation needs to be changed. The Board will revisit this issue in the fall to gather results of this communication.
E. Christine suggested a way to get more ride leaders to participate may be by offering a seasoned and certified ride leader to co-lead a ride with a new ride leader. Any potential ride leader still should go through the ride leader training.
F. SOB Buffs
Bob Bogart has inquired about purchasing SOB logoed neck gators. These could be purchased from Buff, Inc., at a cost of $10.50 for each if 100 buffs are purchased. Bob will check to see if Hincapie has a comparable neck gator so they could be sold through the SOB Store. More information will follow.

The meeting adjourned at 1:49 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Van Dornick
SOB Secretary

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