Last Thursday, Tó Neinilii gather his rain clouds threatening a deluge of water for any SOB Rider brave enough to attempt a Thursday ride. Five fearless riders gathered at San Felipe and stepped forward to accept the gauntlet with a 28+ mile ride to Bernalillo.  Impressed by the bravery of these fearless SOB Riders, Niltsi offered only a token wind from the North. The ride to Bernalillo was quick and steady under threatening skies. In Bernalillo, we toasted our accomplishment food and caffeine at Starbuck’s (Lucy behind the lens). Facing a headwind riding back to San Felipe, the discussion quickly turned to the new paceline protocol. Edwin and Joe had practiced the paceline procedures with a 22+ MPH ride down to Bernalillo; now it was time for the Fearless Five to try out the new paceline procedures heading back to San Felipe. The paceline was executed to perfection heading into the wind at 15 MPH! Back at San Felipe, the skies were dark and heavy with rain, but all Tó Neinilii could offer was a little thunder!!


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